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We believe that a good Private Cloud is about much more than the features included: how it is delivered makes all the difference. As a true Cloud operator we offer a proven turnkey solution based on our own Public Cloud technologies and best practices. Our fully managed service includes the hardware, software and expertise needed to keep it performing optimally at all times.

Zero investment

No need to start off with a big hardware acquisition bill and a costly and lengthy design & build project. The hardware is included so you can start using your new Private Cloud right away and without any upfront investments.

Predictable costs

Our Private Cloud pricing combines the best of both worlds: predictability and pay-per-use. With an all costs included price per server you pay for actual resource use only without any hidden costs or surprises.

Fully managed

Shift focus to consuming your infrastructure in stead of maintaining it with this fully-managed and hosted service. Let our experts take care of all the day-to-day system monitoring, maintenance, updates and upgrades.

High performance

From 40 gigabit low-latency networking to distributed storage: every aspect in our platform is designed for high performance computing and demanding workloads.


Private really does mean dedicated resources for us. Our Private Clouds are 100% single-tenant. All compute, networking and storage systems deployed are dedicated to you and you alone.

High Availability

We design our custom architecture for reliability and high-availability in order to ensure the continuity of your business. Power supplies, networks, and services are all redundant. Data is stored on the redundant, distributed Ceph filesystem that provides both scalability and reliability for high performance workloads.

Battle tested

“Eat your own dogfood” is not just a policy for us, it is what we live by. Every change, fix and upgrade we apply to Private Clouds is tested and applied on our Public Cloud infrastructure first.

Massively scalable

Is your business suddenly taking off? Our architecture allows us to easily scale up to hundreds of machines and our modular design allows adding or removing capacity as we go.

Upgrades included

New releases with bug fixes and new functionality appear upstream all the time, so we keep our Clouds up to date. We also add the features that we develop for our Public Cloud to our Private Cloud service automatically and without additional charge.



Our Private Cloud is an entire virtual data center available on demand and is designed to run both legacy software and next-generation applications. The combination of fundamental services like Compute and services like Object Storage, Orchestration and Telemetry gives your users access to real Infrastructure as a Service and enables automating application deployments or creating auto-scaling and self-healing services.


Spawn and decommission machines with Linux, Windows or any other operating system on demand.


Enable network connectivity for compute instances. Control instance access and security, create firewalls and set up load balancing.

Block Storage

Extend compute instance disk space with persistent block storage volumes.

Object Storage

Integrate API-accessible storage straight into applications or use it for backup, archiving and data retention.


Speed up application development, deployment and maintenance by orchestrating your application deployments using Heat orchestration templates.


Gain insight into your service usage for benchmarking, orchestration and statistical purposes with these monitors and meters.

Web dashboard

Use your Cloud with the web-based self-service portal. Conveniently control all features like launching compute instances, assigning IP addresses and configuring access controls.

Open API

Connect to our OpenStack APIs to launch compute instances, create images, create storage containers and objects, and complete other actions in your Private Cloud.

Additional features on our roadmap include analytics, containers, databases and DNS as a service. We plan to launch these in the next couple of months and they will automatically become available to our Private Cloud customers at no extra costs as part of our upgrades included policy.

The Cloud has proven to be the quickest, most flexible and most affordable way to develop, deploy and scale IT infrastructure, applications and services. Many organizations prefer to have a Private Cloud over using Public Clouds simply because it gives them more performance, security, flexibility and cost control.

A Hosted Private Cloud also comes without the effort, challenges and upfront investments of building and operating a Cloud. With our fully managed hosted service you get your own hassle-free and battle tested Private Cloud and access to the latest Public Cloud technologies and best practices. By letting us taking care of your Cloud, you can focus on using it to develop, automate and deploy your applications.


Our turnkey Hosted Private Cloud starts at:


gigabytes of compute memory


gigahertz of compute CPU power


terabytes of storage


gigabit low latency networking

Pricing starts with an entry setup which you can expand with additional capacity depending on your needs. All related capital and operating expenses are included in the monthly rate. We take care of the acquisition and life-cycle management of server, storage and networking hardware as well as the platform administration so you won’t have to.

 Compute logical processor coresCompute memoryStorageSetup feePer month
Entry setup96432 Gb120 TBNoneContact us
Additional capacity1696 Gb4 TBNoneContact us

In our experience, the entry-level setup supports up to 600 simultaneous instances. We express capacity as the raw system capacity because the effective capacity – in terms of number of instances – varies per customer and depends on workload specifics. Aspects like the average instance flavor size, memory usage and CPU load drive capacity by affecting the utilization rate and maximum overbooking level.


We also offer several other types of Cloud platform services besides hosted Private Cloud. Whether it is dedicated or shared, hosted or on-premise, on our hardware or yours: we provide it. Contact us if you wish to learn more about any of these alternative Cloud flavors.

Public Cloud

Looking for high-performance public Infrastructure-as-a-Service or a reliable Cloud for small scale usage? Our Public Cloud offers the same technologies and features to customers that do not want or need a Private Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Want to take advantage of both a Private Cloud and the Public Cloud? Prefer to burst to a Public Cloud to handle peak loads? We use the same technology for our Public Cloud and Private Cloud services, assuring that you can combine them and shift between them with complete compatibility.

On-premise Private Cloud

Want your Private Cloud at a data center of your own choosing? Prefer your data on-premise or at a third party IT outsourcing or co-location provider? That’s fine too. We build Private Clouds anywhere our clients need them.

Private Cloud on your hardware

In need of a proven high-performance Private Cloud and prefer to own the hardware yourself? We can build a Private Cloud with our tools on your hardware, either on-premise or at one of our sites.

We are an international Cloud service provider headquartered in The Netherlands with an extensive history in technology services. Started over 10 years ago as an internet and web-hosting agency, we were one of the earliest adopters of OpenStack, Ceph and related Cloud technologies. We do this using our own deployment and management systems and a custom architecture optimized for maximum performance, reliability, scalability, control and interoperability.

Our in-house team of specialists is here to assure the quality, agility and reliability that you need for a great customer experience. As a company we are firmly committed to open standards, collaboration and interoperability. As such, we actively participate in and contribute to numerous Open Source projects and believe in sharing our work with the community whenever we can. Our activities besides Public and Private Cloud services include Cloud-native web application development and consulting on strategy, architecture, transformation and migration challenges when moving to the Cloud.


Behind the scenes

Unlike what some people think, “the cloud” is not some magical place where your services run. Your services still depend on hardware, which means security, performance and reliability requires specialized facilities and architectures. To provide you with the best, we work with the best as well. Below is an impression of our deployments and some of the security and redundancy techniques and technologies applied at the facilities that we rely on for hosting our equipment.

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